3 Facts About Cocaine Binges

One of the best indicators of how big the cocaine problem has become in recent times is the fact that traces of the drug can be found on most currency. There’s an increasingly high chance that you’ve touched cocaine at some point if you’ve ever touched money. The prevalence of cocaine brings many problems not least of which is addiction. However, cocaine bingeing is now also becoming a much bigger problem. Bingeing on cocaine greatly increases the risk of death or some other event that could result in irreparable damage to the user’s life.

What is a Cocaine Binge?

A cocaine binge is a period of time during which the user takes the drug several times. It’s a cycle where the user takes the drug and gets high, crashes and then takes the drug again. This happens over and over. Because tolerance to cocaine happens rather quickly, the user will likely take larger doses of the drug each time as they try to achieve the same level of intoxication. Alternatively, they may also alter the way in which they take the drug so the effects of the drug are more direct.

During such a binge, sleep, food and most other regular activities will be ignored if they don’t involve use of cocaine. Not everyone who goes on a cocaine binge is an addict but this habit is usually associated with addiction. This is because the use of ever increasing amounts of cocaine cause the body to become more tolerant which is an easy route to dependence. A binge can go for anywhere one to three days.

Users Don’t Think Normally During a Binge

Cocaine affects the brain chemical associated with pleasure. The user will feel an abnormally heightened sense of euphoria during this period and the senses and body also become hyper-stimulated. This is why cocaine users are normally seen to be restless. In addition to this, cocaine can also cause the user to have hallucinations (visual and auditory) and this can cause them to become paranoid.

There are many incidents where the effects of a cocaine binge have had terrible consequences for both the user and those around them. Users are known to steal so as to get money for more cocaine and others have also killed due to paranoia or in the act of stealing. Dwight Gooden famously missed a World Series parade due to a binge.

It’s Unlike Any Other Addiction

Addiction to cocaine is unlike most other kinds of drug addictions. This is because it happens quite fast and many users will have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that they’ve become addicted after such a short period of use. However, another big problem is the false sense of security that comes with the use of cocaine. Cocaine dependency at the physical level is thought to be much less than the dependency that occurs at the psychological level. However, this has led many users to falsely think this makes it less likely to cause an addiction.

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