Cocaine Addiction is a network of individuals who have quit and those who want to quit the use of the drug. We give women and men the forum to share their experiences, find strength to handle the addiction and give new quitters hope that their problems can be solved. We provide a common ground where you can reach out to those who have recovered, and as a member, you also interact with people from diverse religious, economic, ethnic and social backgrounds – while still maintaining individual sobriety.


To become a member of Cocaine Addiction, all you need do is show a desire to stop using cocaine and any other illicit drugs. If you also have an addiction for other toxic substances including alcohol and nicotine patched substances, you are also welcome.

At Cocaine Addiction, we do not charge any membership fee or consultancy price. We simply help and support each other by contributing within ourselves at set times, to help us carry out any necessary activity that will assist members fight the addiction better and have a sense of belonging. These contributions are mainly voluntary and are also used to cover basic expenses incurred by the group – from rent, little meals, and general operations or services that keeps the group running.

Donations and Affiliations

Any contributions from an organization, individual or an anonymous donor outside the network must be out of free will – with no expectations of anything in return. We are not, and do not want to be allied with any organization or individual – be it political, educational or spiritual. This is because we do not want to compromise on our integrity or the general objectives of the network.

In as much as we make all efforts to motivate and inspire our members into being better people for themselves and their community, we also allow them make a choice of what religious sect or any other group they wish to be affiliated with. However, we do not wish to be affiliated to any organization outside Cocaine Addiction. We are not affiliated to hospitals, rehabilitation centers or recovery homes. Instead, you can refer addicts to us and we will help them win the fight over any of these mind altering substances.

Aims and Objectives

At Cocaine Addiction, our main objective is to help members achieve ultimate freedom from the use of cocaine and other intoxicating substances which they have gotten addicted to. We have come to realize that the best way to help addicts fight the problem is by building a network where they meet those who have had similar issues and also to share their experiences with like minds. This helps them maintain their sobriety and they can become assets to the society and the world at large.

We have certain guidelines that help us in achieving all our aims and objectives. You can get more information when you navigate through our pages or simply contact us via email and we will get back to you on anything you wish to know – within a day. You can also call us to find out meeting days and how to get starter kits.

Join Cocaine Addiction today, and let’s give you hope and the strength to become a better person.

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