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How Cocaine Addiction Harms the Family

A cocaine addiction can be devastating to the life of the user. However, it can also have a similar effect on the person’s family members. Whether or not you admit the changes in the behaviour of the person who’s addicted, each family member will have other issues that will come up in response. Cocaine use is too devastating too simple be ignored and leave those close by unharmed. Some of the issues that the family members of cocaine user may have to deal with include:

Lower Self-esteem

Whether it’s due to shame or just to protect the user, the children and spouses of the user will often go to great lengths to hide the fact that they’re battling addiction. This is especially true when the drug in questions is something as notorious as cocaine. Because of this, the family members are likely to isolate themselves even if to just avoid having to answer uncomfortable questions. They’re less likely to ask people to come over to their house or even let other family members know about some event in their lives.

Risk of Addiction

When people have members of their family who have an addiction problem, they may also be at risk of developing an addiction. This could be due to the influence of the person who’s addicted or due to a genetic predisposition.

Psychological Problems

Family members who are close to a cocaine addicted person are likely to develop psychological problems as the struggle to deal with the issues brought on by the addiction. Depression, eating disorders and other mental issues are not uncommon in family members living with an addicted individual.

Anger Problems

It’s common for family members to build-up feelings of resentment towards the user. Despite their feelings towards the user, they will have to put up with a lot of negative actions that have come about due to the cocaine addiction. In the end, the person will be experiencing an internal struggle that usually boils over as anger.

Health Issues

Eating disorders are not the only health issues a person in this position may face. Emotional traumas can manifest themselves physically in various ways resulting in a number of health problems.

Relationship Difficulties

People who’ve had to live with a person who’s addicted to cocaine may find it difficult to form a connection with other people afterwards. Such a person may enter into a relationship that is almost certain to fail or they may not be able to commit to a positive relationship that may actually be good for them. Such a person may also face other issues in their marriage and may end up getting divorced.

Therapy is one of the best solutions to dealing with the issues that come as a result of staying with a person addicted to cocaine. The family members of the person who’s addicted should seek therapy even if the drug user hasn’t sought help for the addiction. This will show them how they can live their lives in a positive way despite their troubles.

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