The Surprising History of Why Cocaine Is Illegal

One of the main factors that seems to have undermined efforts to treat addiction is the fact that drugs such … 0 37
Cocaine Facts

Cocaine is ‘the perfect heart attack drug’ – even if you only use it only a few times a year

Researchers are now calling cocaine ‘the perfect heart attack drug’. This is because those who use it even infrequently are … 0 35
Cocaine Facts

How Cocaine Makes Users Skinny

Cocaine use has long been associated with weight loss. Many people who have been seen to lose a lot of … 0 35
Cocaine Facts


Cocaine has been around for millennia. However, for thousands of years, it only existed in its plant form; coca. The … 0 25
Cocaine Facts

Cocaine Use Has Exponentially Increased in the UK Since the New Millennium

In countries such as the U.S. cocaine is no longer the drug of choice for many people. Back in the … 0 31
Cocaine Facts

How Social Cocaine Users Are Still Causing Major Damage to Themselves

One of the common misconceptions about cocaine is that using it isn’t harmful as long as you’re not addicted. However, … 0 33

Heroin and cocaine now legal in Mexico in small doses

After years of trying to wage against illegal drugs in the country, Mexico is finally taking a different approach by … 0 40
Family and Friends

Co-dependency Help and Healing for the Family After Cocaine Addiction

When a family member or close friends falls into cocaine addiction, most of the people around them will want to … 0 34
Family and Friends

The 5 Most Common Behaviour Traits of an Addict

Nobody acts the same way they used to once they become addicted to a drug. This isn’t by choice but … 0 28

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