The 5 Factors That Lead to Cocaine Relapse

For many addicts, there is no permanent escape from the hook of cocaine. Even after rehab, a person with a history of addiction will have to battle the urge to use the drug for many years. Sobriety is not an event but a journey and many people will stray from the path from time to time. Relapsing after undergoing rehabilitation is not unusual. However, it’s also not an accident that just happens. Most of the time, people relapse as a result of something that they do or fail to do. Five common reasons why people relapse include:

Going to the Wrong Treatment Centre

As with any condition, treating an addiction only works if the treatment suits the problem. There have been many attempts to treat addiction in the past and many of these old methods have been found to be ineffective when it comes to achieving long-term sobriety. However, there are still many rehabilitation centres that utilise these methods since there is no industry standard that can be applied in the treatment of addiction. A good addiction treatment centre will show you how you can control the complex behaviours behind the addiction, the same that may cause you to relapse.

Leaving Treatment Too Quickly

Unfortunately, there are many treatment programs that are just too short to be effective in the long run. Studies have shown that patients are more likely to stay sober if they undergo rehabilitation for longer periods. However, many treatment programs and centres only keep the patients around for around 30 days before they’re on their own. Although the withdrawal symptoms will likely have subsided at this point, there is little guarantee that the patient will not fall back into the habit.

Medication Use

There are many hidden dangers out in the world for a person with a history of substance abuse. One of these dangers is prescription medication. Opiates are regularly prescribed in the management of pain. However, these drugs are quite powerful and even people without a history of addiction have become addicted to these pain killers. For someone with a previous cocaine problem, these drugs can start them down the path of a new addiction and possibly trigger the cocaine addiction as well.

Not Changing Your Environment

Leaving rehab only to head back to the same place where you were exposed to the drugs and the addiction inducing factors is an easy way to fall back into addiction. In a place where you’ll meet friends who are still using or be able to reach out to your past suppliers, the temptation to use can easily overwhelm you. In a new environment with new people, you’ll stand a better chance.

Same Old Habits

It takes certain habits for a person to end up with a drug problem. Whether the habit is overworking yourself, partying too hard or going to certain places at certain times, you will easily relapse if you go back to doing the same thing after rehab.

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