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The 5 Most Common Behaviour Traits of an Addict

Nobody acts the same way they used to once they become addicted to a drug. This isn’t by choice but the power of the addiction. These changes in behaviour occur because the addict will do anything that will support their addiction. However, it’s not easy for those around them to deal with these changes. Unless the people around them know that drugs are behind the change in behaviour, they will not understand why these changes happen. Some of the changes in behaviour you can expect from a person whose addicted include:


A person that’s using drugs will want to hide this fact. They’ll also have to come up with an explanation for where they go to when they’re off buying the substance or have to explain where all the money has disappeared to. The frequency of the lies will increase the further their addiction continues. Many people are easily taken in by these lies especially if they’ve always trusted the person in question. Even if the lies being told don’t add up, some people will assume that there’s a good reason for it. However, the people do eventually find out due to the constant need for money, poor health etc.

They Become Manipulative

The family members of a person who’s addicted will still want the best for them in life. Unfortunately, it’s this very feeling that can be used against them. A person who’s addicted can be quite manipulative and will use all kinds of tricks so those around them can allow them to keep using drugs. Some of the tricks the addict will use include blaming others for their addiction, leveraging the love that others have for them etc.

Engaging in Criminal Behaviour

Not every addict will do this but a person who has been addicted for a long time is quite likely to engage in this sort of behaviour. The addict’s money won’t last forever and once they’ve sold all they have that’s of value and can no longer borrow money from family and friends, they will easily resort to crimes so as to have money buy the drugs they need.

Shifting Blame

An addict will rarely accept responsibility when something goes wrong in their life. This is the power of addiction that makes it easier for them to justify their drug use. Whether they lose their job, get into an accident or injure someone else, they will always find someone else to pin the blame on.


Many drug addicts can become abusive or even violent when they lash out. Many of them can become delusional and start seeing people close to them as a threat. They may also start to shift the blame and as they do so, they may start to attack those around them. This is why life can be difficult for the spouse of someone who is addicted. The addict might even resort to physically attacking those who are unable to defend themselves.

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