The Cost of Addiction: Cocaine Addiction

The price of a drug is a reflection of how high the demand is at any moment. If this is always the case, this is worrying news with regards to cocaine use. In the recent years, the price of cocaine has gone up dramatically according to USA Today. A single gram of pure cocaine will now cost you around £101. This is a 47% increase from what the price was back in 2006. In one day, a person addicted to cocaine can easily spend more than £73.7 on the drug. This translates to around £26825 in one year.

As with most addictions, cocaine users will prioritize the habit over every other thing. This makes it less likely for them to be holding any kind of job in the long term. An expenditure of $36,400 in a year for a person who is essentially out of work is quite significant. However, to many of the addicts, the financial implications of their habit are unlikely to register. The user will easily avoid paying their rent and other bills and sometimes not even eat just to have more money to spend on cocaine. The high brought on by the drug will ensure they don’t have to think about the real cost of the drug and maybe even make it seem affordable.

The Rising Cost of Methamphetamine

Cocaine is, however, not the only drug whose street value has been on the rise in recent times. Methamphetamine is similar to cocaine in that they are both stimulants. However, methamphetamine produces a high that lasts much longer than cocaine’s and the value of this stimulant has also risen significantly in recent times. One gram of pure methamphetamine will now cost you approximately £181. Back in 2006, the same amount of the drug would have commanded £98 and this difference is quite significant.

Because of the street value of the drug, the costs to any individual user are quite shocking. In just one week, an addict will spend in excess of £737 on meth. This translates to around £38321 in just one year. To put this into perspective, according to the HBAI, the median household income in the UK in 2014 was around £23,556. Therefore, an average addict will spend more than most households in the UK and in many cases, the source of the money will be questionable. This means that an increase in the number of addicts in the country could mean a much bigger problem.

Methamphetamine or meth goes by a number of street names including glass, speed and ice. A portion of meth weighing 3.5 grams is what’s known as an eight ball. Buying a single eight ball could cost you anything in the range of £185 – £885. What you’ll pay for the drug will depend on how pure the cut of the drug is. What’s more shocking is that for the average addict, it may only take around two days to go through an eight ball.

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