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Cocaine Addiction is a website that specialises in everything concerning addiction. We provide useful information, help, and loads of resources to those who are willing and ready to overcome addiction and regain control of their lives. To aid the effective accomplishment of our goals, we want writers like you who have fresh ideas and would like to share them to contribute to our website.

To make submissions, you don’t need to be an award winning writer or possess any special qualification. All you need is to be able to craft engaging and compelling sentences that effectively share important information while also inspiring or entertaining readers. This might sound like a lot at the moment but after working with us for a while, you’ll notice that you’ve grown to become an even better writer since your first submission.

We have on hand expert editors that can provide you all the necessary guidance you need to craft the best possible post on your chosen subject. Because we specialise in matters concerning cocaine addiction, we prefer that submitted content are in some way linked to cocaine, its addictive properties and effects, as well as addiction and addiction recovery.

By submitting guest post to us, you will have a unique opportunity to meet a wide audience all across the UK as well as internationally. This can boost your reputation as a writer and place you in a better position to accomplish greater things in the near future.

If you would like to submit a guest post to us or ask any question concerning what it means to be a contributing writer on Cocaine Addiction, contact us via phone or send us an email.

Experienced Writers are also Welcome

Asides from upcoming writers, we also accept content from professional writers with years of experience under their belt. Experienced guest writers who contribute to our website have the opportunity to expand their readership to our many visitors. Also, we appreciate how the quality of a post from an expert can provide more insight and better engagement to our readers.

What sort of posts do we want on Cocaine Addiction?

At Cocaine Addiction, we are very eager to receive compelling and engaging content from a variety of writers from across the world. But because we want to ensure our visitors have access to only quality content, we have certain standards which guest posts most measure up to if they are to be published. Said standards include;

  • Guest post most be original (not published elsewhere) and not in any way similar to anything already published on our site.
  • Must be proofread and error free
  • Be in line with the tone and style of posts already published on the site.
  • Plagiarism free with properly referenced quotes.
  • Informative, factual and entertaining to read with a catchy title
  • Quality images.

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